CEPT Systems - API Developer Portal

Welcome to the CEPT-API development portal. If you are new to the CEPT technology you might want to browse the documentation to get an overview on the offered functionalities. The documentation is interactive, and allows you (if you got your access-credentials) try out all the methods available. This is a good way to better understand the CEPT approach.

To get the access-credentials (App-Key and App-ID) you have to subscribe here. Choose the "free account" option to get your free try-out access. If you would like to run a pilot project you might be interested to apply for our beta-program to access the full functionality at this time. To do so, please send us a short description of your plans and request the upgrade online (in your account profile).

The tutorial section is still empty, but will soon be filled with as many examples as possible on how the semantic fingerprints can be used in practice.

The forum is open for posts to subscribed users for all sorts of discussions around the semantic fingerprinting technology

If you want to see how our roadmap unfolds over time the visit the roadmap section

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